08 October 2011

Understanding Viruses:Guide To Scripting Your Own Monster

A warm welcome to all our readers ,

If you came here desperate to find a way to make viruses then this is your lucky day.

 Disclaimer : The following information is solely for educational purpose only(ya rite!!) or for screwing your enemy
This Guide will teach you how to create a viruses.
I am not responsible for any damage you cause using the the info you learnt from this site
Without Further Ado here are the links :
1. How To Make A Flood Virus

2.How To Make Deadly Binary Code Viruses

3.How To Make Harmless but really scary Virus

4.How to make a scary shutdown virus that shutsdown the system at every start-up:

5.How to make an extremely deadly virus :

So if you Have read through these posts then you would Have an arsenal of viruses for any occasion .
If you have any queries or if you want to suggest your own viruses then feel free to leave a comment

Happy virus making!!

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