26 March 2012

Top 5 Funniest Youtube Channels - 2015 Worth Subscribing

If you are here , you've probably read my previous post about Top 3 Funny Youtube Videos.
I've compiled a list of funny youtube channels :

Shane Dawson TV is the showcases the immensely talented Shane Dawson. He posts spoof videos and original sketches that are so hilarious.

I personally don't find it funny but since he is the third most subscribed channel on youtube  I'd recommend it anyways.
Shane Dawson posts new videos every Saturday.

Take a look at this:


Getting Funnier ..Lets Move On To No. 4......

 4. College Humor!
This comedy site, made a YouTube channel and shares its original comedy videos they are so funny some old posts are Google Earth Guys, Turtle Race, and Sing Talk (Tik Tok Parody.) If you want to watch comedy of the best quality, College Humor has all of what you probably want. Also they also have a website where they release their content there a month before they release it on YouTube.

Religious People Are Nerds

Superman Meets Dark Knight

Professor Wikipedia( back when anyone could edit it!)                                                       

and ya here's something really funny...

Matrix Runs On Windows Xp

Improve Everywhere is a group that makes flash mob videos where something unexpected happens in public places.
They often leave the public extremely baffled.
Here take a look at this video :

                                               Star Wars Subway Car

Suicide Jumper (ROFL!)

2. Simple Pickup

Simple Pickup consists of crazy pickup artists who use funny ideas to pickup women.
Their videos are definitely worth watching.
In The following video they use Harry Potter References to pick up a girl

1. How It Should Have Ended
 One of my Favourite Youtube channels  .They regularly post videos about really funny alternate endings for movies and tv series
Here Take A Look At This-

How 300 should have ended
How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

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  1. The best jokes ever at college humor and their special efforts of making funny videos make me laugh... WOnderful work.

  2. Nice video collection....it's funny and hiphop videos. Thanks to share with all.


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